We at TRUE PLAYER believe that being the best is not a job, it is a way of life! The personal mentoring program is a groundbreaking program that allows you- players & parents to receive personal guidance and advice throughout the year from the people who have already been there, who have conquered peaks and crossed the road as young players to becoming professional basketball players.

The unique project allows players to train in the most professional way, receive tools, guidance and career management from a personal mentor that includes physiological, nutritional and mental guidance. Trues player has the best coaches and senior professionals in Israel. The professional accompaniment includes a player characterization meeting, building a personal strategy, supervision & guidance .

Joining the exclusive program is conditional on a personal interview and examination of professional and personal criteria

Annual cost for the full program: 30,000 ILS

Interested in the program and examining the possibility of a full scholarship? CONTACT US


1. Personal characterization meeting - setting short-term and long-term goals, building a training strategy that matches the player's needs.

2. Basketball training in small groups of up to 4 players with the mentor or an expert coach for specific work on basketball elements.

3. Physical abilities training, based on personal characterization of each player.

4. Accompaniment and personal nutrition counseling.

5. Accompaniment, guidance and mental counseling.

6. Video analysis and error correction - watching and analyzing the player's games by the mentor.

7. Personal management - synchronization between all the professional factors that accompany the player.

8. For those who qualify only - an opportunity to join our career management department and integration into one of our professional teams.

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