PRO 15+

A program for developing personal ability for outstanding basketball  players. building physical ability during the off-season according to a unique method of 'true player', Carried out in small groups of up to 6 players per team.  Dates and locations for the summer of 2021 will be announced soon

true player's excellence basketball program led by Lior Lubin



Additional details

Participants and admission requirements
Graduates of ninth to twelfth grade who dream of developing, getting better and fulfilling the dream.

Professional team
Leading coaches with extensive experience working with players at young ages. At the end of the camp, the players will receive a work plan for the rest of the summer in order to arrive ready and better for next season. They will also have the opportunity to be accepted into the prestigious mentorship program.


Training program

Three training units a day, for two weeks (9 days):
Personal basketball skills training , abilities improvement & personal technique. according to true player's unique development method.

Physical fitness training which includes work adapted for a break period and physical construction for the next season. Functional work for the requirements of a basketball player on the physical level.

Phone registration: 09-8844904 / 052-5532505
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